Dentures are an affordable option for anyone with missing teeth. The word often conjures up visions of grandma’s teeth floating a drinking glass. But dentures aren’t only for the old. As many know, dentures are removable substitutes for lost teeth. They are a porcelain or acrylic “tooth” attached to a gum-colored foundation, along with a metal brace. They attach to your other teeth, holding the denture in place in your mouth.

A partial denture is an economical solution for you whether you’ve lost one tooth or many. When you leave an open space in your jaw, your teeth are free roam, but having a denture in place will help keep your teeth from shifting and help prevent future loss of those teeth. And much advancement has been made in the way of dentures. With today’s technology they look and feel more life-like than ever before.

You also have the option of a fixed denture using implants. Titanium posts are surgically installed into your jaw for a sturdy anchor. The denture is then fitted to this implant. Your bone actually grows around the steel posts just like it would a real tooth root, giving your dentures a strong, stable foundation with a secure fit. Implant-supported dentures last longer and offer a more natural look than removable dentures.

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